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addicto | 05.31.07


  • White Stripes Reschedule Tour
    … Jack White Thumps Chicago DJ For Playing Leaked Icky Tracks
  • Ozzy Calls Sanjaya ‘Hairstyle-Challenged’
    … Refused To Perform With On Idol Finale
  • Police Tickets @ Madison Square Garden Going For $11,500
  • Spector Trial Update
    … Defense Wants To Introduce Diary
  • MTV Relaunches Unplugged
  • CBS Buys Last.FM For $280M
  • Viacom Sells Music Publishing Rights To Sony/ATV
    … Jacko Buys Eminem Rights
  • Young Jeezy @ Carmelo Anthony’s Memorial Day Party
  • Diddy Previews New Bad Boy Tracks
  • Leonard Cohen, Phillip Glass Collaboration
    … Bert Jansch To Tour, Too
  • Sufjan Stevens To Compose Music For Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain Plan Album
    … Reunion Permanent
  • Perry Farrell: Jane’s Addiction ‘Broke Up Over Reality TV’
  • EmoGoogle? WTF?
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    addicto | 05.30.07

    Police in Vancouver

  • Police Officially Kick Off World Tour
    … Two-Hour Set For 20,000
    … Sting’s Lookalike Son Opens
    … Review
    … Video
  • Bo Diddley’s Condition Slowly Improving
  • New McCartney Album To Be Released On … The Home Shopping Network!
    … Includes 30-Min. Infomercial
  • Ryan Adams Injures Hand Skateboarding
    … Sets Tour Dates 
  • Joey Ramone Estate Lashes Out At Doc Martens, Too
  • Jacko Auction Opens 
  • iTrane? John Coltrane Podcast Series Gets 14,000 Subscriptions
  • Trey Anastasio Cancels 10,000 Lakes Fest Appearance
  • Spector Trial Update
    … Coroner Provides Grisly Details
  • Kanye’s Porn
  • Britney: ‘I Was So Lost’
  • Best-Worst Athlete Rappers
  • State of the Record Industry: Not Good
  • Website Fined For Selling Illegal CD Copies From Hong Kong 
  • Aerosmith Without Steven Tyler?
  • Shins Extend Summer Tour
  • Top 40 Live Music Venues
  • addicto | 05.29.07

    Ginger Reyes @ Pinkpop

  • Justin Timberlake Launches Record Label
    … Tennman Records Backed By Interscope 
    … ‘I Cannot Wait To Introduce The World To My New Discoveries’
  • 50 Cent Earns $400M Off Sale Of Glaceau To Coca-Cola
    … Album Bumped To September
  • Sasquatch Fest
    … Stunning Gorge Backdrop
    … Beastie Boys
    … Bjork
    … Bad Brains
  • Mims Hit With $7.5M Discrimination Suit
  • Police Return To Stage
    … Vancouver Warm-Up
    … ‘All The Famous Riffs Are There’
  • Latin Songwriter Shot In Miami
  • Smashing Pumpkins @ Pinkpop
    … New Bassist Ginger Reyes
  • BRMC Confirmed For Benicassim
  • Ozzfest Not Free
    … ‘VIP Packages’ Available
  • Linkin Park Join Tokyo Live Earth Lineup
  • Pitchfork Music Fest Finalized
  • New Kanye Video
  • Women Get Revenge In Song, Video
  • ‘News4 Investigation: Emo Exposed’
    … ‘Teen Phenomenon Known As Emo Spreading Fast’
    … Video
  • addicto | 05.25.07

    Cobain In Doc Martens Ad

  • Doc Martens Apologizes For Leaked Cobain Ads
    … Love Was ‘Unaware’
  • Sasquatch Fest Kicks Off At The Gorge
  • Lollapalooza’s Talent Contest
  • Sly Stone Performance Turns Into Tour
  • Smoosh To Tour With Pipettes
  • Quincy Jones Snubs Michael Jackson
  • Green Day Punks Up Simpsons Theme
    … Movie Soundtrack Almost All Rap
  • Cream: Reuniting Again
  • 50 Cent Takes Over BET’s Rap City
    … Calls Cam’ron ‘Delusional’
  • Cartel Enters Bubble
  • Idol Vets Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis Ready New Albums
  • Stones Split With Longtime Biz Manager
  • Young Jeezy Arrested In Fracas Outside Atlanta Strip Club
  • Mystery Jets Cancel U.S. Tour Due To VISA Problems
  • White Stripes Get ‘Unobtrusively Political’ For Icky Thump
    … Video
  • Is Linkin Park The Next U2?
  • Pet Shop Boys Latest To Criticize Live Earth
  • Iron Maiden To Play London Club Show
  • Stephen Malkmus Guests On Yet Another Robert Pollard Album
  • Lily Allen And Blondie Cover ‘Heart Of Glass’ On Today Show
    … Video
  • addicto | 05.24.07

    Jordin Wins

  • Idol #6: Jordin Wins
    … Blake Talks Unrealistic Future Collaborations
    … Green Day Cover Lennon
    … Sanjaya, Underwood Steal Spotlight
    … Liveblog
    … Notes
    … Ratings Hit Sour Note
  • John Mayer Standup: Rips Carrie Underwood
    … Video
  • Foxy Brown’s Comeback
  • Simon & Garfunkel Reunite In D.C.
  • ‘K-Rock’ Returns To New York
    … Free-FM Dead
  • Lady Sovereign Issues Apology For Brooklyn Rant
    … Video
  • Kurt Cobain Appears In Doc Martens Ad
    … Courtney Love: Ads ‘Despicable, Outrageous’
  • Marilyn Manson’s Timberlake Cover
    … MP3
  • New U.N.K.L.E. EP
  • addicto | 05.23.07

    Smashing Pumpkins

  • Smashing Pumpkins Return To Stage In Paris
    … 28-Song Set
    … Photos
    … Video
  • Idol Face-Off: Jordin’s ‘Wide Margin’
    … Spoilers
  • Eve Pleads Not Guilty To D.U.I. Charge
  • Stewart Copeland Wants Police To Alter Setlists
  • Spector Trial Update: Chaueffer Cross-Examined
  • Flaming Lips, Clap Hands Head Red Rocks Monolith Fest
  • Motorhead’s Lemmy: The Action Figure
  • M.I.A. M.I.A. @ Sasquatch, Cancels Appearance
    … Visa Problems
  • Dizzee Rascal’s Digital-Only U.S. Release
  • Fiona Apple To Tour With Nickel Creek
  • Danny Masterson, Steve Aoki’s DJ Set
  • addicto | 05.22.07

    Paula Abdul

  • Phil Spector Trial Update
    … ‘I Have Devils Inside That Fight Me’
  • Bo Diddley Leaving I.C.U.
  • Depressed Lady Sovereign Walks Off Stage, Cancels Show
    … Video: ‘America is F*cked Up, F*ck America … Sorry’
  • Reduced Charge For Scott Stapp
    … Misdemeanor Assault
    … Threw Bottle Of Orangina At Wife, Missed
  • Foo Fighters To Expand, Reissue Second Album
  • EU OKs Universal’s $1.63B Takeover Of BMG
  • Interscope Sued Over Eminem Royaties
  • Comedy Central To Roast Flavor Flav
  • Idol Down To Two
    … Does Winning Idol Matter?
    … Paula Abdul Trips Over Chihuahua, Breaks Nose
  • Smashing Pumpkins Comeback Show Tonight In Paris
    … First Since 2000 Farewell
  • Weirdest Bob Dylan Cover Ever? Listen …
  • Source Founder Benzino: ‘I Wanna Prove I Take This Rap Shit Serious’
  • QOTSA Extend Tour
  • Portishead To Headline, Curate ATP XMas Show
  • No Fun Fest Looks No Fun, Too
  • Prince To Take Up Residency In L.A. Hotel
  • Perez Hilton: Musical Tastemaker?
  • Cat Power, Bright Eyes Contribute To Hottest State
  • Pharrell’s New Sound Inspired By … Baltimore?