addicto | 05.14.07

Rick Rubin

  • Rick Rubin Leaves Warner Bros. To Run Columbia
    … Def Jam Co-Founder 
  • Will Sharpton’s Criticism Hurt Hip-Hop?
  • McCartney Opens Solo Catalog For Online Distribution
    … Beatles To Follow
    … ‘Virtually Settled’ 
  • The Game Arrested In L.A.
  • Filthiest Lyrics Of All-Time 
  • Yngwie Malmsteen’s Ferrari For Sale 
  • Avril: Drunken Video Interview 
  • Sea & Cake Launch U.S., Euro Tour 
  • Internet Changing Rock Stardom 
  • MySpace Launches Smashing Pumpkins Tribute Comp 
  • Eve Talks D.U.I. Arrest 
  • Lollapalooza To Go Global? 
  • Sly Stone Reschedules Rare Live Performance 
  • VH1 Honors Genesis, Heart, ZZ Top In Vegas
  • Wilco Urges Fans To Buy Album Legally
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