addicto | 05.22.07

Paula Abdul

  • Phil Spector Trial Update
    … ‘I Have Devils Inside That Fight Me’
  • Bo Diddley Leaving I.C.U.
  • Depressed Lady Sovereign Walks Off Stage, Cancels Show
    … Video: ‘America is F*cked Up, F*ck America … Sorry’
  • Reduced Charge For Scott Stapp
    … Misdemeanor Assault
    … Threw Bottle Of Orangina At Wife, Missed
  • Foo Fighters To Expand, Reissue Second Album
  • EU OKs Universal’s $1.63B Takeover Of BMG
  • Interscope Sued Over Eminem Royaties
  • Comedy Central To Roast Flavor Flav
  • Idol Down To Two
    … Does Winning Idol Matter?
    … Paula Abdul Trips Over Chihuahua, Breaks Nose
  • Smashing Pumpkins Comeback Show Tonight In Paris
    … First Since 2000 Farewell
  • Weirdest Bob Dylan Cover Ever? Listen …
  • Source Founder Benzino: ‘I Wanna Prove I Take This Rap Shit Serious’
  • QOTSA Extend Tour
  • Portishead To Headline, Curate ATP XMas Show
  • No Fun Fest Looks No Fun, Too
  • Prince To Take Up Residency In L.A. Hotel
  • Perez Hilton: Musical Tastemaker?
  • Cat Power, Bright Eyes Contribute To Hottest State
  • Pharrell’s New Sound¬†Inspired By … Baltimore?
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