addicto | 05.31.07


  • White Stripes Reschedule Tour
    … Jack White Thumps Chicago DJ For Playing Leaked Icky Tracks
  • Ozzy Calls Sanjaya ‘Hairstyle-Challenged’
    … Refused To Perform With On Idol Finale
  • Police Tickets @ Madison Square Garden Going For $11,500
  • Spector Trial Update
    … Defense Wants To Introduce Diary
  • MTV Relaunches Unplugged
  • CBS Buys Last.FM For $280M
  • Viacom Sells Music Publishing Rights To Sony/ATV
    … Jacko Buys Eminem Rights
  • Young Jeezy @ Carmelo Anthony’s Memorial Day Party
  • Diddy Previews New Bad Boy Tracks
  • Leonard Cohen, Phillip Glass Collaboration
    … Bert Jansch To Tour, Too
  • Sufjan Stevens To Compose Music For Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain Plan Album
    … Reunion Permanent
  • Perry Farrell: Jane’s Addiction ‘Broke Up Over Reality TV’
  • EmoGoogle? WTF?
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