addicto | 06.13.07

Cat Power Album

  • Cat Power Wins Shortlist Prize
    The Greatest
  • Journey Singer Insisted On Knowing Sopranos Finale Before Allowing Song Use
    … ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Climbing iTunes Charts
  • Kansas City Royals Allowing Fans To Select New 7th Inning stretch Song
  • Beastie Boys Set Short U.S. Tour
    … Alternate Hip-Hop and Instrumental Sets
  • Antarctica Scientists Form Band For Gore’s Live Earth Show
  • Ex-Idol Maroulis Makes Debut
  • Boy-Band Guru Lou Pearlman’s Assets Up For Auction
  • White Stripes Latest To Offer Album On USB
  • Tool Considering Movie
  • McCartney To Play Secret Highline Ballroom Show In NYC
    … Tix & Wristbands
  • Beyonce’s Rules For Fans When Meeting Her: No Kissing, No Touching, No Questions
  • CYHSY, CSS, !!! @ Italian Fest
  • Radiohead Songs Used In Scottish Ballet
  • Flaming Lips Cover Elvis
    … Video
  • Kelly Clarkson Fires Manager Two Weeks Before Album Release
  • Spector Trial Update
    … DNA Found On Victim’s Breast, Not On Gun
  • The Game Rejects Plea
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