addicto | 07.09.07

Sting, Kanye @ Live Earth

  • Live Earth 2007:
    … Police Close U.S. Show with John Mayer, Kanye
    … Video
    … 60,000 ‘Perhaps Educated, Most Certainly Rocked’
    … Video: Mayer Calls For ‘Massaging’ the Message
    … Reaction to Live Earth: Decidedly Undecided
    … What Live Earth Really Meant
    … Not-So-Green
    … Review: ‘Global Yawning’
    … Madonna ‘Spectacular’ in London
    … ‘Come On, Motherfuckers’
    … Video

    … Complaints Over Swearing
    … Ratings Flop
    … Live Earth No Match For Diana Concert
    … Lights Up Seven Continents
    … Jack Osbourne to Crowd: My Family Doesn’t Recycle
    … Dave Grohl Rocks Beard
    … Video
    … Live Earth Rio Draws 400,000

    … 12,000 in Japan
    … 10,000,000 Streams: More Than Live8
    … Video: Al Gore: The Holograph 
    … Soggy in Shanghai
    … Shakira Shakes in Hamburg
    … Photos
  • Rocking to the Beat of the Boredoms’ 77 Drummers
    … Video
  • Al Sharpton Launches Protest Against TMZ Over Beyonce’s ‘Roboho’
  • Can Justin Save 50’s Career?
  • Suicide to Play South St. Seaport
  • Johnny Marr: I Still Hang Out with Morrissey
  • Princeton Review‘s Top College Radio Stations
  • Avril Fires Back at Chantal Kreviazuk
  • The Cure Working On Double Album
  • Spector Trial Update:
    … Judge Allows Rant Testimony: All Women Should Be ‘Shot in the Head’
  • Nikki Sixx Launches New Band
  • New Britney Single on Way?
  • Jann Wenner: Rolling Stone ‘Vital and Vibrant’
  • Licensing Companies Target Florida Coffee Shops For Live Music Copyright
  • Sprint Sponsors Rap Song for Filesharing
  • Rick Rubin’s Rise @ Columbia Records Taking Hits
    … Producer Won’t Come to New York Office
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