addicto | 08.24.07


  • Winehouse: Bloody Face, Slashed Hubby
    … ‘Almighty Scrap’
    … Denial
    … Photos
  • Nugent Goes Off on Obamavideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Videovideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • Fugees Star Says He’ll Never Work with Lauryn Hill Again
    … ‘Better Chance of Bin Laden and Bush Having a Latte’
  • Kanye-50 Feud: Fake?
  • Chemical Brothers Announce U.S. Tour
  • Jack Penate Album Inspired By Sex With ‘Big Black Women’
  • Will Mud Dry Out in Time for Reading, Leeds Festivals?
    … Reading Preview
  • Blur Drummer Admits Coke Addiction
  • Spice Girls Spend $1M on Album Cover
  • Genesis Euro Tour Done, Onto U.S.
  • Stones Shun U.K. Venue’s Smoking Ban
  • Greensleaves to Release Retro Comp
  • New Eagles Videovideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Rilo Kileyvideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Apples in Stereovideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Animal Collectivevideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • 50 Seconds with 50
    … No Hamptons Labor Day Fireworks Display for Diddy
  • Universal Tops YouTube Video Chart
    … YouTube Music Video Ad Overlays Slammed by Users
  • The Cure Postpone North American Tour
    … To Finish Double Album
  • Ja Rule Album Pushed Back
  • R. Kelly Shuts Down Tour Rumors in Midst of Child Pornography Trial
  • Missy Elliot’s Multiplatform Doritos Campaign: ‘The Future of Hip-Hop’
  • Mates of State Set Tour
    … Decemberists
    … Bright Eyes
    … 1990s to Tour with Art Brut, Hold Steady
  • Diplo, Fiona Apple Headline New Yorker Fest
  • Brian May Becomes a Doctor
  • Musicians as Rock Critics
    … and Vice Versa
  • ScarJo to Sing for U.S. Troops
  • Dave Navarro Signs on for Porno
  • Auf der Marr Releases Second Solo Record
  • A Brief History of Timbaland Beats
  • Atlanta Councilman Proposes Ban on ‘Hip-Hop Trousers’
  • Tacoma, Washington Uses Classical Music as Gang Deterrent
  • UB40 in Venture Capitalist Record Deal
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