addicto | 08.28.07

My Bloody Valentine

  • My Bloody Valentine Mulling Coachella Reunion?
    … Album, Tour to Follow?
    … Loveless
    … My Bloody MySpace Page
    … Classic MBV Videosvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • DMX Lawyer Blames Caretaker for Dead Dogs
  • Lead Phil Spector Lawyer Leaves Case
    … ‘A Difference of Opinion on Strategy’
  • Amy Winehouse’s In-Laws Ask Fans to Boycott
    … Winehouse Heads to Caribbean
    … Foxy Brown Isolated at Rikers
  • Good Charlotte’s Priorities: Babies, Production, Touring
  • Rick Rubin Era Begins at Columbia Records
  • Starbucks Sellings Lots of Records
  • TOURDATES: Okkervil River
    … Bad Religion
    … Type O Negative
    … British Sea Power
    … High on Fire
    … David Gray
    … Gogol Bordello
  • Kate Nash: Lily Allen Comparisons ‘Lazy Journalism’
  • Voxtrot Replacing The Coral on Arctic Monkeys Tour
  • Lil’ Wayne Hit with Big Lawsuit
  • Killers, New Order, Bowie on Joy Division Soundtrack
  • Former NME Journalist Dies at 50
  • Ultimate Reading-Leeds Wrap-Up
    … River Thames Lowered for Reading Fest
  • Judge Rules P2P Availability Equals Infringement
  • Is Jesse Harris the Timbaland of Country?
  • Sony to Release Epic Bob Dylan Folk Fest on DVD
  • Ashanti: Overweight and in Hiding?
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