addicto | 10.01.07


  • New Radiohead Album To Be Released via Band Website in 10 Days
    … Announcement
    … Band Asks Fans to Name Own Price
    … ‘It’s Up to You’
    … Challenges Record Co. Constraints
    … Turns Back on Industry
    … Traditional Release in 2008
    … Track-By-Track Preview
    … Industry Reacts
  • Moshing Not Cause of Death at Smashing Pumpkins Concert
  • Foo Fighters Top U.K. Charts
  • Kanye West: Blogger
  • Visa Issues Force Cancellation of Pipettes North American Tour
  • R.I.A.A. Defendant Sparks Jury Trial
  • U.S. Album Sales Stay Soggy
    … Post-VMAs, Britney Soars on iTunes
  • Universal Music Group Faces Investigation
  • Digital Music Dealer Snags Classical Warner Bros. Recordings
  • Spice Girls U.K. Gig Sells Out in 38 Seconds
  • Tourdates: Iron & Wine
    … Ghostface, Rakim, Brother Ali
    … CSS
    … Ozomatli
    … Buddy Guy
  • Police Knighted in France
  • New Videos: Black Lipsvideo_icon_orange.jpg
    PJ Harveyvideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Nellie McKayvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • Stabbing @ Jay-Z-Owned 40/40 Club
  • New Eve Album Pushed Back to 2008
  • First Ever Muslim Punk Rock Tour
    … Allah, Amps and Anarchy
  • Is Springsteen Borrowing From Magnetic Fields?
  • L.L. Cool J Releases New Single
  • Fox News Calls for Boycott of Rolling Stone
  • Jimmy Buffett Accuses Six Flags ‘Carrothead Club’ of Copyright Infringement
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