addicto | 10.05.07

Britney @ 2007 VMAs

  • Britney’s New Video: ‘Fun with Stripper Poles’video_icon_orange.jpg
  • RIAA Victory: Why Major Labels Won
    … Why Major Labels Lost
    … Godsmack Fan
    … $220,000 Playlist
  • … $220,000 for 24 Songs
  • Foxy Brown Connects With Fans Online From Jail
  • Marilyn Manson Gig Halted Due to Fire Scare
    … Problems with Dry Ice Machine
  • Beyonce to Escape Muslim Dress Code in Indonesia
  • New York Philharmonic Might Play in North Korea
  • Judge Realizes Case Involves Snoop Dogg
  • Ginuwine Alledges Contract Was A Fraud
  • She Wants Revenge Embrace Their Inner Depeche Mode
  • Anthrax Looking for a New Label, singer Before Recording Next LP
  • Pitchfork to Curate U.K.’s All Tomorrow’s Parties
  • Tourdates: Ween
    … The Hold Steady
    … Pipettes Resched After Visa Problems
  • Paul McCartney’s Embarrassing New Video
  • Kid Rock Debuts New Album at Two-Hour Detroit Show
  • Another New Springsteen Album Already Done?
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