addicto | 10.12.07

In Rainbows

  • Radiohead: 1.2 Million In Rainbows Downloads
    … Estimate: £4.8 Million
    … Radiohead Experiment Divides the Music Industry
    … A Movement?
    … Management: Tactic to Boost CD Sales
    … How Fast Did the Radiohead Album Take to Download?
    … Jonny Greenwood Score to be Released in December
    … Greenwood: Making In Rainbows Like Making Kid A
    In Rainbows Remixes Hit the Web
  • Madonna Close to Massive Deal with Live Nation
    … ‘For $120 Million, She’s All Yours’
    … Madonna Exit Won’t Trouble Warner Music
  • Psychic TV Member Dies Suddenly
  • Beyonce Unveils B’Phone
  • Amy Winehouse, Spank Rock to Headline MTVU Awards
  • Coldplay Close to Finishing New Album
  • Shitdisco Cancel U.S., U.K. Gigs Due to ‘Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome’
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation Jumps Into RIAA Appeal
  • Study: Filesharing Decreasing Among Teens
  • New York Philharmonic Considers Invitation to Play North Korea
  • NPR: Sigur Ros Give ‘Possibly the Worst Interview in History of Electronic Media’video_icon_orange.jpg
  • Lil Wayne Appears in Court After Arrest
  • Daft Punk Scores Louis Vuitton Runway Showvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • Portishead Close to Finishing Third LP
  • Kim Deal is Against New Pixies Album
  • Live: PJ Harvey’s One-Woman Show
  • New Videos: Jay-Zvideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Fiery Furnacesvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • Tourdates: Datarock
    … Nada Surf
    … Jesu
    … Deerhunter
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