addicto | 01.08.08


  • Eminem Rushed to Hospital
    … Pneumonia
    … Recovering
  • Radiohead Knocks Blige Out of No. 1 Billboard Slot
    … Confirms Cities for North American Tour
  • Cash/Folsom Prison Anniversary Show Scrapped
  • American Idol Major Label Exodus Continues
  • Did Mylie Cyrus Use ‘Montana’ Double at Shows?
  • Will Writer’s Strike Drain The Grammys‘ Talent Pool?
  • Shins Star Released from Jail Following Arrest
    … Off the Hook
  • EMI Extends Contract with Norah Jones
  • Coldplay Refute Rumors of EMI Split
  • Artists Dropped By/Defected From Major Labels in ’07
  • Beanie Sigel Gets Day in Jail for Probation Violation
  • MySpace Snags Justice for Tour
  • Report: Digital Music Sales Will Offset Physical Decline by 2010
  • Yahoo! Releases MP3 Player
  • Prodigy ‘Saved’ by Sickle Cell Illness; Jail Sentence Delayed
  • Remy Ma Slapped with $80M Lawsuit
  • Fader‘s Unpublished Pimp C Interview
  • The Wire Beat Makers Score Record Deal
  • The Little Juno Song That Could
  • VIDEOS:Kate Nashvideo_icon_orange.jpg
    Radar Brosvideo_icon_orange.jpg
    Janet Jacksonvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • TOURDATES:… Black Keys
    … George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic
    … Man Man
    … Caribou
    … Avril Lavigne
    … Carrie Underwood


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