addicto | 01.15.08

50 Cent

  • Entertainers Named in Steroid Report
    … 50, Timbaland
    … Mary J. Blige: Juiced?
  • Steroids Beyond Sports
  • Coachella Organizers Plan NYC Fest
  • Who’s Playing Coachella ‘For Real’?
    … Radiohead?
  • Writers Guild Might Picket Grammys
    … WGA: Attendees ‘Will Cross Picket Line’
  • Rapper Foxy Brown Wants Early Prison Exit for Ear Condition
  • Miami Indie Label Plans to Release Early Beatles Tracks
  • Scorcese’s Stones Doc Shine a Light Debuts in Berlin
  • Shelby Lynne on Krauss-Plant No. 2 Debut: ‘That Li’l Bitch, Doesn’t She Have Enough Already?’
  • Pakistani Pop Singer Backs Out of Bollywood’s ‘Osama’
  • Louisville Hip-Hop Businessman Sues Spike Lee Over Sucker Free Script
  • Borders Testing ‘Mix-and-Burn Stations’ for Stores
  • Band of Horses, Tom Verlaine Set for Tibet House
  • Tenants Might Buy Birthplace of Hip-Hop
  • Remy Ma vs. Lil’ Kim
  • Pirate Rap Radio Station Busted
  • FCC Chief Expects Sirius-XM Merger by April
  • TOURDATES: Dead Meadow
    … Lightspeed Champion
    … Tegan & Sara
    … 311
    … Black Keys


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