addicto | 02.05.08

Dead Endorse Obama

  • The Dead Endorse Obama
    … Play Warfield Benefit
    … Pearl Jam, Rock for Barack, Too
    … Q-Tip
  • Media Mistake Lez Zeppelin on Bonnaroo Lineup for Led Zeppelin
    … Stairway to Lez’s Success?
  • Unauthorized Arcade Fire Song Used by Fox During Super Bowl
    … Videovideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Band Slams Network
  • Michael Jackson Won’t Perform at Grammys
  • Clive Davis Preps Grammy Pre-Party
    … Nominees
  • Beastie Boy Yauch to Launch Indie Film Company
  • Green Apple Festival Expands With Eight Simultaneous Concert Locations
  • Music Industry Downturn Inevitable
  • Labels Sue Over Illegal Downloads
  • Is Fight Over Songwriting Royalties Hurting Song Quality?
  • Yahoo Drops Music Service, Adopts Rhapsody
  • Hot Chip Cancels L.A. Show
  • Pimp C Death Attributed to Accidental Overdose
    … Overdosed on ‘Syrup’ Ingredients
  • Radiohead to Play Glastonbury
  • Coldplay ‘Weeks’ From Finishing New Album
  • Reggae Plays Tribute to Police
  • Schwag: Slayer Motorcycle Helmets?
  • Tom Jones’ Chest Hair Insured for $3.5M
  • Zeppelin Have ‘No Idea’ About Future Plans
  • U2’s McGuinness: We’re Sticking With Universal
  • VIDEOS: Polyphonic Spreevideo_icon_orange.jpg
    … Heidi Montagvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • TOURDATES: Feist
    … Supergrass
    … Dead Meadow
    … The Kills

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