addicto | 02.28.08


  • Rihanna Plays Irish Show in Leather
  • No Wardrobe Malfunction Possible for Janet
  • Maxim Didn’t Listen to Nas’ N*gger, Either
  • MMW to Release Three New Records in 2008
  • Gossip to Release Wham, Aaliyah Covers
  • Beastie Boys Start Work on New Album
  • Thom Yorke Launches Climate Change Campaign
  • 3 Doors Down Prep New Album, Tour
  • Warner Label Signs Once Duo
  • Univision Sells Music Division
  • Snoop Covers Morris Day and the Time’s ‘Cool’
  • Springsteen Buys $500 Worth of CDs per Record Shop Visit
  • Michael McDonald on Yacht Rock: ‘Hilarious’
  • Sebastian Bach: No Skid Row Reunion
  • Artists May Sue RIAA
  • Wall Street Journal: Ryan Seacrest is a Genius
  • Actors vs. Rappers
  • TOURDATES: Black Dice
  • CSS
  • 311
  • Clapton
  • The Verve
  • Ray Davies


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