addicto | 04.03.08

  • Live Nation, Jay-Z Close to $150M Deal
  • Jigga: ‘I’m the Rolling Stones of Hip-Hop’
  • iTunes Passes Wal-Mart as Top Music Seller
  • MySpace Near Music Launch
  • Dave Matthews Plans Free Show for Obama
    … Sends E-Mail to Fans
  • Country Music Sales Take Hit
  • Taylor Swift Swaps Talent Agents
  • Rappers Remy Ma, Papoose to Marry in Jail
  • New Kids Get Back on Block
  • EMI Readies Best Of Radiohead
  • Busta, Kid Rock on First-Ever Grammy Tour
  • Swiss Bank to End Support of Orchestra for Students
  • Court Docs: Federline Made Just $10,000 as Music Producer Since May
  • Bands Starting Own Social Networks
  • Natalie Portman Stars in New Devendra Banhart Video
  • Beirut Cancel Summer European Tour
  • VIDEOS: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsinvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • TOURDATES: Black Lips
  • Lightspeed Champion


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