addicto | 06.09.08

  • Girl Talk to Release ‘Pay What You Want’ Album via Web Site
  • … Radiohead Model
  • Lil’ Wayne Recruits Fans to Sell New Album on the Net
  • Janet Jackson Exposes Label Drama: ‘They’ve Stopped All Promotion on the Album’
  • Brazilian Girls Announce New LP: New York City
  • New York Times on Trent Reznor: ‘Frustration and Fury: Take It. It’s Free’
  • Bob Dylan ‘Big Ups’ Barack Obama
  • Scott Herren Preps Prefuse, Savath & Savalas, Risil LPs
  • Boricua Hip-Hoppers Recall Their ‘Illest Puerto Rican Day Parade Moments’
  • Mike Gordon Preps Album, Tour
  • Glen Miller’s Big Band Leader Dies
  • VIDEOS: The Notwistvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • TOURDATES: Donita Sparks
  • We Are Scientists
  • Band of Horses


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