addicto | 06.25.08

Chris Martin

  • Coldplay Debuts at No. 1
  • … 721,000 Copies Sold
  • … One-Third Were Downloads
  • … Plays Free Show at the Garden
  • The Vines, Insound Seal Exclusive U.S. Deal
  • Starbucks to Drop All But Four CDs from Stores
  • Live Nation Wooing Nickelback, Shakira
  • Devo Suing McDonald’s Over Toothbrush Promotion
  • Chemical Brothers to Return to Ibiza
  • Ne-Yo: Emo?
  • Scott Weiland Hocks Loogie at L.A. Times
  • Layoffs Begin at EMI
  • Ice-T Soulja Boy Feud: The Cartoonvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • Death Metal/Grind Band Carcass Reunites
  • Report: FBI Arrest Chinese Democracy Leaker
  • Butch Walker Postpones Album, Tour
  • TOURDATES: Pinback
  • Orchestra Baobab
  • Reggie and the Full Effect

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