addicto | 07.02.08

Dead Endorse Obama

  • The Dead Happy to Rock Again for Obama
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince Reunite
  • Foos Add Dates, Select Supergrass as Support
  • Jay-Z Talks About Glastonbury Triumph
  • Fan: ‘Not Everyone Can Say They’ve Been Hit by Amy Winehouse’
  • … Does the Today Show Know Who Jay-Z Is?
  • BBC Airs Lost Beatles Interview
  • Juno Soundtrack Was Almost Devoted to Yo La Tengo
  • Josh Homme Records Song with UNKLE
  • Free Bowie Compilation Included with London Newspaper
  • Shakira Signs Live Nation Deal
  • Onion Interviews Radiohead
  • MGMT Begin Work on Second Album
  • Wild in the Country Fest Canceled
  • Jessica Simpson Previews Country Album
  • Ricky Scaggs Bluegrass Album Gets Exclusive Cracker Barrel Release
  • Nikka Costa Preps New Record on New Label
  • Keyboardist Natasha Schneider Dies


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