addicto | 07.09.08


  • Did Madonna Injure A-Rod?
  • Money Keeps Trickling Into Digital Music
  • Music Fans Looking Past Professional Critics
  • Panic At The Disco: ‘We’re No Longer An Emo Band’
  • Live Nation Banking on Nickelback
  • Country Music Acts Suffering Feeling Heat From High Gas Prices, Too
  • Lost Jimi Hendrix Album With Stephen Stills to Get Release
  • … More on that Hendrix Sex Tape
  • Pumpkins Prepping 20th Anniversary Show
  • Amy Winehouse Suffers ‘Bloodied Hand’ in Pub Crawl
  • The 50 Weirdest Album Covers Ever
  • Rock Band 2 to Feature Better Instruments
  • ‘Oasis’ New Album Will Cost $15 at the Store’
  • … Lil Wayne to Host VMAs?
  • Flaming Lips Cover The Who
  • Deerhunter to Tour w/ NIN
  • VIDEOS: Tan Linesvideo_icon_orange.jpg
  • TOURDATES: Ratatat
  • Opeth + High on Fire
  • Albert Hammond, Jr.
  • Joe Satriani


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